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Modern Hairstyles

In the fashion industry today there are several Modern hair styles. Layered hairstyles, blonde hairstyles, long hairstyles, men’s hairstyles, and even emo hairstyles or more commonly known as scene.

The most classic is the layered hairstyle. It is a hairstyle that consists of layers upon layers of hair. It is meant to give hair volume and a certain flow when it moves. The bottom layer is usually the longest followed by shorter layers on top. Modern hairstyles usually include side bangs along with the layers.

These days, more and more people are attempting to go blonde as well. Most of the time, it works, however some people end up with orange hair or looking completely unnatural. The most common type of blonde is the bleach blonde. This is when a person with dark hair bleaches their hair in order to obtain the blonde look. Most of the time, bleaching is the only way they can achieve the color blonde without walking around with orange hair. This can be dangerous if done too often as the hair can potentially break off completely.

Another trend that seems to be coming back is long hairstyles. Just a basic “don’t cut your hair” look. It shows wisdom sometimes and can even make a person look older, in a good way of course. Once the hair gets a certain length though it can get stringy so be sure to trim it even if you are going for a long hairstyle.

Men’s hairstyles have gone from anywhere between bald or as along as shoulder length. The most common one is about or around ear length, or just enough to almost cover the eyes. There are also buzz cuts, pony-tails, neatly trimmed, or a normal length that is not exactly short but not long enough to cover the ears or eyes.

Emo hairstyles, also known as scene, come in a variety as well. The basic principle of these hairstyles is to fluff the upper layer of hair making a rounder, more voluminous shape around the head. This hairstyle usually includes side bangs as well and can look rather intriguing and well if done correctly. It is a style that usually involves hairspray as well as other products in order to keep the volume and fluff.

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