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How Mature Man Hair can be maintained properly?


If you are a middle aged man then you should take utmost care to enhance the health of your hair to prevent hairlessness. You have to take some precautionary measures for the prevention of baldness.


In addition to the washing and nursing the hair on regular basis, you must have take perfect food to maintain the proper growth of hair as well as preserve the strength of your hair roots. There are so many essential foods available in the marked which are required to uphold the health condition of hair for a middle aged man.


You must take salmon fish regular basis because this fish has huge omega 3 fatty acids which will help tremendously you to maintain the health of scalp. These fatty acids are surely required for your health to proper growth of the hair. However, from some other fishes such as trout and sardines you can also get such fatty acids.


Sufficient quantity of vitamin A is also required for encouraging the health of the scalp and roots of your hair. Carrot is the best vegetable from which you will get this vitamin sufficiently.  Carrot can also be able to produce sebum which is required to rapid growth of hair.


If you eat banana on regular basis then you can be able to maintain the health condition of your hair follicles as well as scalp. Bananas are the main source of potassium that is required to prevent hair loss.


The key ingredient to maintain actual health of the hair is egg. You will get sufficient quantities of protein, zinc and iron from the eggs. The reason for weakening of hair follicles is the deficiency of iron which is the cause of baldness. Eggs are rich in vitamins B12 and B5 which helps in perfect growth of hair as well as the biotin that makes the stream of the hair thicker. 


However, you have to follow proper diet and have to take sufficient quantities of above said foods for proper growth of hair and prevent hair loss.


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