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Hair Loss in Men

We are men, hair loss, the hair at the back of the head the two sides of the opening and gradually we realize with depletion. The main symptoms of hair loss include:

Gradually shift towards the inner sides of the starting line of hair on the forehead,
Depletion at the top section of hair back of the head-the scalp appear.

95% of all cases of hair loss male pattern hair loss” type. So, a case of hair loss is genetically. Androgens hormonlardandır required for male pattern hair loss. For some people, hair loss, along with androgen hormone triggers are:
Genetic causes,
The male hormone – testosterone.
After the start of hair loss in men, hair growth stops and leaves the sparseness of the location of the old density. Hair loss 20 year old even begins, it is usually 35-40 years are common.

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